Saturday 26 January 2013

Kick the ballboy!

By Rebelstar without a cause.

Genre: Ballboy management.

Well, you can’t accuse the Spectrum community of not having its finger on the pulse – barely a day has passed since a big football story and a satirical game has appeared.  You don’t have to know much about football to enjoy this game, if you can recognise Wayne Rooney doing one of his famous backflips after scoring the winning goal for the Magpies you will know this game refers to Chelsea’s Eden Hazard being sent off after a ‘set to’ with the home side’s ballboy.

The opening screen creates a dramatic atmosphere, and tells you what you need to do: KICK THE BALLBOY!  The game boasts some animated sprites of Brobdingnagian proportions, and as the ref’s eyes scan the field left and right, you need to press K to kick while he’s looking the other way.  The referee is a creature of habit, and his eyes follow a somewhat hypnotic (and very predictable!) rhythm.
My best score is 102, and it’s harder than you might imagine as you become impatient and attempt to squeeze another one in before the ref sees.  In this way KTBB is a very clever, if open ended game.  However, it is silent and cries out for some grating BEEP effects.
I may not have said many negative things about this game yet, but rest assured, it is most definitely CRAP!  An excellent start.
Tipshack: when the referees eyes have just moved away from the right, you can squeeze in 6 or 7 good kicks.
HACK PACK: Lenient referee: 2020 LET SOCCER=0


  1. Aye it's great isn't it. I can picture a few spin offs of this (or cracks), one as a Lord of the Rings game called 'Touch the Ring', where you have to wear the ring while the lord of darkness looks the other way.