Sunday, 7 April 2013

Noah and the Mower

By Rebelstar without a cause
Genre: Arcade: Gardening
I should start off by saying that I received this game late on April 1st, so apologies for not reviewing it on the day which would have been more appropriate.
Spot the difference: L-Advanced Lawnmower Simulator, R-Noah and the Mower.
Some of you may notice that Noah and the Mower bears a passing resemblance to Duncan MacDonald’s Advanced Lawnmower Simulator, an April Fools covertape from Your Sinclair 1988. I’m pleased that Noah uses the same control keys, sorry – key, as ALMS as it might be confusing otherwise.  What it lacks in lawnmower choice it makes up for with a message of encouragement as you near the end of the quest.  It also boasts a larger house and faster screen draw, so Mr Lawnmower has clearly gone up in the world.
The Lawnmower Chronicles….part 1?  Oh carp.
Spring is here, the grass is getting long, here is an ideal opportunity to get some practice in.  Shut those curtains tight and get mowing!
Thankyou Rebelstar!
Tipshack: Press key ‘m’ to mow.  The task at hand may seem insurmountable but do not lose your resolve.

HACK SACK: Increased Mowing Speed: Line 160 change to FOR Y=20 TO 21 STEP -1

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