Sunday, 15 September 2013

Pacifist Space Invaders

By Lee Spoons

Genre: Arcade: hand wringing

Yet again those pesky aliens are bearing down on earth and you are mankind’s last hope.  This BASIC game has a new take on the Space Invaders genre: you have a white flag instead of a death ray.  As the intro screen suggests you are relying on the hope that the aliens are fans of various yoghurt weaved foodstuff and talking things over.


As ever Lee is a master of sound, and pacifist space invaders has nice effects and a superb rendition of ‘Give peace a chance’.  However the quality ends there – Pacifist Space Invaders is utter carp!  There is some curious screen edge checking, so that when you go off the right hand side it causes the BASIC ‘scroll’ to start!  Pressing the fire key prints an ineffectual white flag above the player ship, though having said that it looks chunky and odd enough to at least confuse the aliens.


If you have the patience to wait for the aliens to land, you’ll discover they mean business…

Thankyou Lee!

Tipshack: crank you emulator up and get it over with.

Download here.

HACK SACK: Download the yoghurt weavers version with a happy ending :-p

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