Monday, 30 December 2013

Lucky Bird Shit Dude

By Wookiee

Genre: Shart Interceptor

LBSD marks Wookiee’s third entry into the competition and this time he’s had help, from a certain Mrs Wookiee.  I don’t know which of the two were responsible for the C: Nonsense in BASIC error that results after loading (before even starting the game) but it gets bonus points.  I am however, deeply concerned that daveysludge’s toilet humour syndrome is contagious.

EDIT >> Oops apologies, Lucky Bird Shit Dude is a 128k only game, use the Tape Loader option on a 128K model and you’ll be fine.

LBSD follows the classic formula of so many catch the cash games, but with a ploppy twist, and the cultural inclusion that having a bird crap on you is in fact good luck*.  Use ‘O’ and ‘P’ to move laterally and catch the poop from the bird, which leaps 3 character squares sideways on every release (some kind of googly?) for some reason.  Every successful ‘catch’ increases your luck by one, and every one that reaches the lawn does the opposite.  The aim of the game is, I presume, to last until the end of the time limit and accrue as many poo-butts as possible.  With hacking it looks like the best possible is 14 in the allotted time.

*E.g. China and the more sophisticated parts of France.

I can’t find any trace in the code or game of the ‘used johnny’ hazard as promised by the intro screen (but then I am demob happy and have been at the xmas sherry), so I’m going to put this down as a lazy, incomplete, rush job that is exactly what this competition is looking for!

Like Wookiee’s other releases you have to be impressed with it, as it’s totally in BASIC and uses a mix of classic UDGs and ASCII.  Qualities that render this perfect Cassette 50 material.

Thankyou Wookiees!

Download here.

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