Saturday 21 December 2013

UDG Strip Snap

By MykeP

Genre: Catch the Camisole

UDG Strip Snap marks Myke’s 4 entry to his trilogy and the second strip snap game in the 2013 competition.  While Andrew Greene’s version pitted your twitching digits against the might of Sam Fox, UDG strip snap caters for the full range of tastes.  So to begin you select your opponent from the handsome Hank, tasty Tina and the er..KT 81 for the technosexuals I presume, which is a thing apparently.

You also get some lovely nudey UDG graphics and animations, which I can in all honesty imagine my much younger self getting frightfully excited about.

It’s standard strip snap rules, last to say ‘SNAP’, or press S in this case, removes an item of clothing.  This version has a financial aspect where items of clothes are sold back when a mistake is made, reducing the tally.  Easy mode really is easy, to lose that round you’d need to be virtually catatonic, but intermediate provides more of a challenge.  The Expert setting is bugged (see hacksack) and has the same time settings as BASIC (bonus points there).

There is a really smart in game easter egg, press ‘E’ on the intro screen and you’ll see what I mean.  Speaking of easter eggs there is a hash scan thingy hiding under the attributes on the loading screen, since I lack the technology to read where it leads I hope someone else can help out here.

They say the brain is the biggest erogenous zone (and after my genitals that’s true) which is good because you’ll need a bit of imagination to get aroused by this game!

(and yes, you do get to see everything)

Thankyou Myke!  A lovely 15th anniversary update to the original version.

Download here.


Fix EXPERT setting: LINE 2180 change betspeed to 0.7

Very long pause: change betspeed to 10.

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