Saturday, 16 March 2013

Up Coprolite Creek

By Steve McCrea

Genre: Puzzle: Malusaurus Rex
Picture the scene: It is 2020 AD, barring the worst most of us will be seven years older, and that would be bearable if it weren’t for the fact that horses are extinct.  What do we sit on when we plait our hair really tight and wear those white tights??!  What do we watch when wearing our fascinators at Ascot??!!  But most of all what do we bulk up our economy burgers with??!!  Steve comes up with the obvious answer which is to go back 100 million years and hunt Dinosaur meat.  Ahem.

Firstly, bonus points for the clever title and for the fairly slow screen draw.  But apart from that I suspect this is another CGC sizzler.  This game is a quite well designed platformy puzzly adventure along the lines of many but Boovie springs to mind.  The jump is a bit ropey (in that you can float in mid-air indefinitely) and if I understand correctly some of the puzzles have more than one ‘challenging’ solution, though the latter may be intentional.
 U.C.C has crappy qualities but on balance it’s not carp, because I willingly played it to the end.  The end of game screen suggests having a go at designing some levels yourself and points to the right bit of the code to edit, I’ve done 4 levels of my own, why not have a bash and share it somewhere?
Great idea + crap. Thankyou Steve!
Tipshack: Prod the Diplodocus and it turns to meat.  Avoid the spikes on the Stegosaurus.  Prod the rock and the Pteranodon drops it.  Prod the Triceratops in the bum and it hits the rock which then the Pteranodon drops it.  Prod the Diplodocus further in and it turns to meat, then triggers the charging Allosaurus.
HACK SACK: Perpetual lives: in line 120 change LET men=men-1 to LET men=men or LET horse=men, nothing else will work.
The game maps are above line 1000.  Insert UDGs as you wish and mostly, the code detects and acts accordingly.  Note each level string ends with ,""
Download here (and my version with 4 different first levels here)


  1. Hooray! New levels!
    They're quite tough...

    1. Was good fun making them, though I'd forgotten how difficult I find level design.

      Brilliant idea this one Steve.