Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Advanced Junglist Simulator

By Lee Spoons

Genre: utility: bass und drums

Booyakabooyakjunglist Massif.

I remember spending a rather splendid few weeks mapping the drift geology of that spot during the mid 90’s.  I’m joking of course, because this is referencing the parlance of the old school jungle, a subset of the ‘drum, and base’ musical genre.


On loading AJS jumps into Lee’s demo, which is actually sounds exactly like the youtube vids I found while researching, oops – I mean jiving, to jungle.  Then you get the chance to record your own version.  There is a record and play mode, and you have a choice of 8 sounds that epitomise jungle – “Wicked”, “Booyaka”, “Junglist” massive to name a few.  Why not have a bash yourself?


Great fun, and actually very good at what it does!  Thankyou Lee!

Download here.

I don’t think Lee quite captured it in his demo, so I had a go (space to play)......yup, still got the magic.

HACK SACK:  Timmy provided the following:
125 REM
135 GO TO 100

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