Wednesday, 16 October 2013


By Yoshiatom

Genre: Dogger

Here we have Yoshi’s second entry to the CGC, this time authored with the powerful utility that is C.G.D.

As the title screen suggests this is not any old frogger game, it has a story to tell.  Toader shows a dystopian future, in which sea levels have risen to the point that humans have evolved into some kind of grotesque amphibious creature.  Technology has taken over, resulting in luxury flats* stalking the waterways trying to devour you.  To begin with they are slow enough to deal with, but soon enough, they become self aware and turbo loaded – resulting in an unplayable load of carp.

100 pounds** to anyone who completes all 3 levels without cheating (I’ll know..)

Thankyou Yoshi!

*there’s an outside chance they might be cars.

**not really.

Download here.

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