A warm welcome to the 2013 Comp Sys Sinclair Crap Games Competition.

My name is R-Tape (or Dave if you prefer) and I have the curious honour of hosting the CSS CGC 2013.

Picture the scene: it is 1983, you are a young, bright eyed optimistic kid.  For some reason you have a tenner burning a hole in your pocket.  You are perusing the latest issue of Your Sinclair* and a rather dynamic advert catches your eye :50 GREAT GAMES ON ONE CASSETTE!  MAIL ORDER ONLY.  50 Games!  Your eyes dance about as you imagine the endless excitment of fast action shootemups, enormous labyrinths and a fishing mission.  Nine pounds and ninety nine pence is in the post and some days later a cassette plops onto the doormat.

The atrocities that followed twisted many a wide eyed kid into a lifelong cynic, and made a crap games competition inevitable...

The comp.sys.sinclair crap games competition started in 1996, when a competition to create the crappest game possible for the Spectrum was decided upon following a suggestion by a visionary known only as 'Blood'.**  Inspiration came from the most buttock clenchingly bad compilation ever: The Cascade Cassette 50, the exciting inlay and advert betrayed a sorrowful collection of unplayable BASIC games created by uncredited 14 year olds paid £10 for their trouble (which they possibly used to buy the cassette!).

The competition is in its 18th year and is so highly regarded across the world it has a page on Wikipedia.

If you fancy submitting a crap game, and I hope you do,you can find inspiration at the following:

The Crap Game Finder.  An online resource of diabolical software.

Your Sinclairs guide to writing crap games.

Crap game entries should be emailed to me at:


*other Sinclair magazines are available.
**or Lee Tonks.  Info modified from Arda, guesser, dekays CGC sites