Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Dr Who Adventure

Dr Who Adventure

By Steve McCrea

Genre: Text Lords

Oh No!  The tardis has spun after control after a heavy session of Galiferian whistling angel juice, or something.  Unlike Steve’s other games this one is programmed in C and despite being probably impossible without reading the tips/walkthrough it is rather good (I say probably impossible, but that might just be because I’m rubbish at text adventures).

 You don’t have to be a Dr Who expert to recognise the chilling scream of the Dalek – “EXTERMINATE”, superbly rendered using BEEPFX.

 Have a bash & see how far you get (clues are cunningly hidden in the text), then read the tips and see if you can solve it.  It has some crap qualities but at its heart is a well designed puzzle with some depth to it.

 Also put your hands together to Steve’s entry number 21, equal to the record of most CGC entries in one year.

Thankyou Steve! 

Download TAP here.

Download tips here (recommended!)

Friday, 18 October 2013

Karingal loses his ban hammer

By Rebelstar without a cause

Genre: Arcade: shatform

Quite a polished entry this one, the main reason being that it was authored in A.G.D.  In K.L.H.B.H you play the part of Karingal, a moderator on the World of Spectrum forums and at the ripe old age of 45, officially the world’s oldest ZX emulator author (Spud).  Rebelstar provided the following instructions:

Karingal Loses His Ban Hammer.
Luckily he has several more stashed about his mansion. Collect them all, in order to banish the commode worshiping heathens who have invaded Wos. 

The game is sadly silent, and a few farty BEEP noises on jumping and collecting would have made a world of difference.  I love the game though, it has an early 1980’s feel similar to that captured by Sid Spanners.  The graphics are basic, but charming, apart from poor Karingal - he looks like the pilsbury dough boy with a dicky leg!  It also has the worst offender ever in game design – a room with invisible platforms.  Not only does Rebelstar deserve banning from the competition for this malfeasance, he deserves disembowelling.

Thankyou Rebelstar!

Download game.

Download game map.

Wednesday, 16 October 2013


By Yoshiatom

Genre: Dogger

Here we have Yoshi’s second entry to the CGC, this time authored with the powerful utility that is C.G.D.

As the title screen suggests this is not any old frogger game, it has a story to tell.  Toader shows a dystopian future, in which sea levels have risen to the point that humans have evolved into some kind of grotesque amphibious creature.  Technology has taken over, resulting in luxury flats* stalking the waterways trying to devour you.  To begin with they are slow enough to deal with, but soon enough, they become self aware and turbo loaded – resulting in an unplayable load of carp.

100 pounds** to anyone who completes all 3 levels without cheating (I’ll know..)

Thankyou Yoshi!

*there’s an outside chance they might be cars.

**not really.

Download here.

Advanced Junglist Simulator

By Lee Spoons

Genre: utility: bass und drums

Booyakabooyakjunglist Massif.

I remember spending a rather splendid few weeks mapping the drift geology of that spot during the mid 90’s.  I’m joking of course, because this is referencing the parlance of the old school jungle, a subset of the ‘drum, and base’ musical genre.


On loading AJS jumps into Lee’s demo, which is actually sounds exactly like the youtube vids I found while researching, oops – I mean jiving, to jungle.  Then you get the chance to record your own version.  There is a record and play mode, and you have a choice of 8 sounds that epitomise jungle – “Wicked”, “Booyaka”, “Junglist” massive to name a few.  Why not have a bash yourself?


Great fun, and actually very good at what it does!  Thankyou Lee!

Download here.

I don’t think Lee quite captured it in his demo, so I had a go (space to play)......yup, still got the magic.

HACK SACK:  Timmy provided the following:
125 REM
135 GO TO 100

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

2013 Football Manager

By ardentcrest

Genre: Strategy: dicaniator

Don’t know much about footy, but even without the lofty position of hindsight Paulo di Canio seemed a bad choice of manager (for posterity PDC was recently fired as the manager of Sunderland football club, after a 3-0 loss to WBA (West Bromich Albion).

More of a loading screen than a game, but thankyou ardentcrest!

Download here.






Advanced Freemium Simulator

By Rebelstar without a Cause
Genre: Crippleware

Ah yes, freemium.  That wonderful combination of free and premium, what could possibly be wrong with that?  Well, anyone that’s used anything like Mediafire to host files will know exactly what.  Basically there’s the free version that’s intentionally impaired in some way, and the ultra delux paid for version, that isn’t.

Good fun.  Thankyou Rebelstar!

Download here.