2-Not all entries have to be games.  Simulators, utilities etc are welcome.  If such entries are associated with the words 'advanced' then all to the good.
2.1-Entries should work on the ZX Spectrum range of computers, ZX80/1 or a tribute model.
2.2-Games can be coded in any language.
3-Crap inlays and loading screens are encouraged, though not essential.
3.1-Please email your entries to  TAP, TZX, Z80, SNA, WAV are preferred, if you have something else let me know & I'm sure we can sort something out.
3.2-Multiple entries are allowed (nay, encouraged) up to a maximum of 25.
3.3-If any entries turn out to the strip poker games, the host decrees that he will not go beyond his underpants in the playing of the game.
4-The winner (crappest game) gets a prize.
4.1-Other prizes will be distributed, possibly throughout the year for various 'qualities'.  Inital thoughts are 'funniest game', 'best game with an otter in it', and whatever I think up during the year.
5-The loser (best game) hosts the competition next year.
6-Previous hosts, and people who really don't fancy it can be granted immunity from rule 5 and still enter.  This is at the discretion of the crap judge and such intentions should be stated when submitting the crap game.
7-Copyright: I don't give a rats arse about copyright, this is a crap games competition.
8-The closing date will be midnight (Kuala Lumpur time) 31st of December 2013.  Previous hosts have let the competition down by letting the stated deadline slip - I CAN ASSURE EVERYONE THAT THERE WILL BE NO EXTENSION TO THIS DEADLINE.
9-The exalted judge will add/remove/append/change rules as he sees fit.  CGC2013 is not a democracy.
10-Voting will take place towards the end of the year, or as soon as I suss out a voting system.  The game with the most votes will get 'The Peasants Prize'.  The outright winner is decided by the crap judge.