Saturday, 27 July 2013

Futuristic F1 Championship

By Spud

 Genre: Race ‘n’ Cheese

I can’t help but feel I’ve made a rod for my own back here! here we have another entry made using CGD (Classic Game Designer).

Picture the scene: it is the year 2143 and it gives me enormous pleasure to say that humanity’s biggest problem is over regulation of Formula 1 racing.  To counter this a new dangerous form of racing has evolved: F FEET.

Motor racing isn’t exactly my thing but as far as I can tell the winner is the one who goes fastest and crosses the line first.  And while using the standard QAOP this may be easy enough, but in FF1C you need to achieve this feat with your own feet!

 At first I genuinely thought you were supposed to play FF1C with your feet, but I’ve since worked out from spud’s nonplussed reply to my email mentioning this that it actually refers to the sprites feet in the game – not the players.  Didn’t stop me having a go though, still managed to complete it.


This game makes some of the bugs in my game designer annoyingly apparent – some of the directional blocks make the sprites flicker badly (more accurate would be disappear), and another one that corrupts the font.

Another kernel of a good idea, but compliments to spud for making it crap.  As per the rule – spud now owes us a good game made with CGD (outside of the CGC).

 Thankyou spud! (also the 'effort' prize for the amazing loading screen!)

 Download here.

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