Saturday, 27 July 2013

The Lost Treasure of Something

By Rebelstar without a cause.

Genre: Arcade: floppy disk hunter

Like the previous entry, Rebelstar has used the powerful utility that is CGD to create this game.  And it’s a guddun.

As the title suggests there is not much in the way of a backstory, but the object of the game is to collect the yellow floppy disks (or treasure chests if you like) then make your way to the exit.  It’s actually pretty challenging as the guardians of said treasure chase you continuously.  You have to work out how they move and employ a strategy to lure them away or get a solid wall inbetween you.  There is also a beautiful luminous snake swimming away in the middle of the screen.


If you don’t like the old school early 1980’s games that use UDGs and move in character spaces, then this game will definitely seem crap to you.  But for me it’s a sheer pleasure, perhaps especially so as it uses my own game designer – so I am predisposed to be fascinated as to which features it uses.

 Things that do make it crap are the absence of any effects when you complete or fail the level, the border colour could match the game better, and there is only 1 level.

In fact the disappointment I felt when a level 2 failed to appear suggests to me we have a good game here.  One that I hope Rebelstar soups up a bit, gives more levels, a backstory, a loading screen, and maybe a spot of music (but this would not be a game I want to see in the CGC inbox).

 Thankyou Rebelstar!

 Download here.

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