Tuesday 2 July 2013

Teach yerself Australian

Genre: Utility: Antipodator

By Lee Spoons
You might be forgiven for thinking it would be safe to speak the Queen’s English if planning a jaunt to Australia.  This is not the case unfortunately, as there are a number of things you need to take into account when speaking the uncivilised, backward dialect that the uncouth yobs are pleased to call ‘Australian’.

TYA, like all of Lee’s entries, features a non standard loader.  It’s not quite as good as the Henry’s cat one but I like it – it does the whole thing in reverse:  attributes first followed by an upside down pic of Ayres rock (all loaded bottom to top), partially obscured of course by the loading message.

Like all the translators in the competition it features an advanced algorithm that translates any phrase you care to type in.  In this case it is takes advantage of Hugh Shaw’s Inverter and turns your text upside down and back to front.  If you leave the program it leaves the whole BASIC listing inverted (poke 23606,0 23607,60 sorts it natch).
So what do we think of TYA?

So if planning a trip to Oz do you want to go to bed with a ‘hottie’ or a ‘dog’ and wake up to a ‘dingo’s breakfast’ or a ‘dog’s eye’?  Well, If you think Lee’s utility is going to help then you’ve got kangeroos loose in the top paddock!  Thankyou Lee!

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