Saturday, 4 May 2013

Number 50!!

Hokkayyyyyy, the first of the years 'intra annum' prize events is imminent.  ALS Tactics marks this years 47th entry, and there are 2 in the bank (ie my email account).  This means the next entry is number


Now this may come as a bit of a shock and should have been announced sooner, but short of being on the ball and more organised in general there really is nothing that I can do.  That said, there is a prize for the next entry:

EDIT 05/05/2013

I've decided it's unfair to give people a few hours notice and the next one gets a prize.  So instead this is now the Spirit 50 award, a prize for the 'best' game in the first 50 entries.  There is no voting system, but I would like people to nominate their favourite game either on this blog, on the WOS or CSS forum.  In a couple of weeks I will gauge this internet noise, factor in my own bias + the 'it just doesn't sit right factor' and name the prize winner.  The 50 games are now in, with 3 still to be reviewed, so getting playing and decide the winner!

A real life copy of the Cascade Cassette 50 and Don't Buy This by Firebird + 'some kind of appropriate certificate'*

I appreciate not everyone is keen on giving their address for things to be posted, which is fine, in which case it would just be a scanned email of the certificate (still a highly lucrative prize you must admit).  If you are ok with the prize being posted, I am willing to do this overseas so don't let being a foreign johnny stop you.

Though please no 2 minute 10 PRINT x 20 GOTO 10 nonsense though (PLEASE!), get coding crapateers!

(though I can't guarantee I won't just pick the 'best' entry I receive over the next few days)

*yet to be cobbled together.

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