Friday, 18 October 2013

Karingal loses his ban hammer

By Rebelstar without a cause

Genre: Arcade: shatform

Quite a polished entry this one, the main reason being that it was authored in A.G.D.  In K.L.H.B.H you play the part of Karingal, a moderator on the World of Spectrum forums and at the ripe old age of 45, officially the world’s oldest ZX emulator author (Spud).  Rebelstar provided the following instructions:

Karingal Loses His Ban Hammer.
Luckily he has several more stashed about his mansion. Collect them all, in order to banish the commode worshiping heathens who have invaded Wos. 

The game is sadly silent, and a few farty BEEP noises on jumping and collecting would have made a world of difference.  I love the game though, it has an early 1980’s feel similar to that captured by Sid Spanners.  The graphics are basic, but charming, apart from poor Karingal - he looks like the pilsbury dough boy with a dicky leg!  It also has the worst offender ever in game design – a room with invisible platforms.  Not only does Rebelstar deserve banning from the competition for this malfeasance, he deserves disembowelling.

Thankyou Rebelstar!

Download game.

Download game map.

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