Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Dr Who Adventure

Dr Who Adventure

By Steve McCrea

Genre: Text Lords

Oh No!  The tardis has spun after control after a heavy session of Galiferian whistling angel juice, or something.  Unlike Steve’s other games this one is programmed in C and despite being probably impossible without reading the tips/walkthrough it is rather good (I say probably impossible, but that might just be because I’m rubbish at text adventures).

 You don’t have to be a Dr Who expert to recognise the chilling scream of the Dalek – “EXTERMINATE”, superbly rendered using BEEPFX.

 Have a bash & see how far you get (clues are cunningly hidden in the text), then read the tips and see if you can solve it.  It has some crap qualities but at its heart is a well designed puzzle with some depth to it.

 Also put your hands together to Steve’s entry number 21, equal to the record of most CGC entries in one year.

Thankyou Steve! 

Download TAP here.

Download tips here (recommended!)

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