Friday, 15 March 2013

Ottery Quest

By Steve McCrea

Genre: Z Axis Frotter

Why did the Otter cross the road?  To meet Clive Sinclair in a transport cafe of course!  This is the aim of OTTERY QUEST and marks the first entry in the CGC OTTER COMPETITION!!!  (Best/Worst/Funniest/Whatever game with an Otter in it gets a prize) so a tank of thank to Steve for getting the ball rolling on that one :-)

Why Otto the otter and Uncle Clive are having this rendez vous is not clear to me*.  While Clive slurps his warming & nutritous oxtail soup I can only imagine Otto snarling and tearing flesh from a raw fish (very vicious animal the Otter).  Having said that Otto has to make his way past not only speeding lorries (maybe transporting Hewlett Packards across the country much to Clive's chagrin) but also a shark infested pool!  Here Steve has made the common assumption that transport cafes all have moats containing some kind of lethal predator surrounding them like they do in the USA.  Not in good old blighty thank heavens, but it adds to the gameplay anyway.

The game makes excellent use of UDGs to portray lorries and sharks looming upon you in a menacing fashion.  Otto himself looks slightly seal-like, but given it's in 64 pixels I'd say still a good rendering.  It's not so easy to actually dodge things, I managed a couple of times with the lorries and the shark collision seems a bit bugged.

What's Otto's favourite food?  CARP!  Thankyou Steve!

*Ah got it, Clive wants to meet Otto as he's the only one willing to fund the flying car.

Tipshack: Achieve the mental state of an Otter before playing.

HACK SACK: No traffic: Change line 70 to 70 GOTO 90.

Download here.

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