Sunday, 31 March 2013

Drawn to lifeless

By Rebelstar without a cause

Genre: Game designer

You would be forgiven for thinking that Rebelstar has just cobbled a UDG designer together with one of his entries from last year’s CGC: Ski or don’t.  Rebelstar assures me this is not the case however, so we must believe the lying get.
The game itself is rather good fun (the Hi-Score challenge starts at 170) and uses the BASIC scroll function to quite good effect.  The landscape sometimes generates an impossible, or at least near impossible, route but that’s down to the player to be especially vigilant.
If that was all DTL had to offer then I would wrap things up here and say it’s a nice little game that could have appeared on the Cassette50 itself.  But Rebelstar has added a feature (but fails to call it ‘advanced’) to enable you to create your own game graphics.  And as UDG designers go this is quite a nice one, there’s certainly nothing wrong with it anyway.

So in one bound we go from being some nonce skiing endlessly skiing down a slope avoiding trees to a world of infinite possibility.  No longer are you John Smith who works in an office, or Tracy the hairdresser – you are Spectros, creator of worlds.

 Please have a bash yourself and share the results with me.

Tipshack: Objects are not drawn the far right column, so if you can get there safely then you have a free ride!  (this has been fixed in Chuntey Force below).
Download here.

And if you fancy, I had a go with theh designer myself, download Chuntey Force here.


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