Saturday, 16 March 2013

Sir Clive Sinclair’s Pachinko Parlour Party

By Steve McCrea

Genre: Arcade:

Poor Clive Sinclair, he’s lost all his cash via a barmy transportation scheme.  He holds a pachinko parlour party to fund the next one.

I’m probably not the best person to review this game as until I did some research I had no idea what a pachinko parlour was!  I pictured a Japanese cocktail party with some exchange of keys and frothy bodily fluids later in the evening.  How wrong I was!  It appears that Pachinko is a faster version of pinball with more balls.

If Pachinko is pinball on amphetamine then Steve has given it a hefty dose of ketamine for the spectrum version.  The ball emerges from the C5 and spends a fair while slowwwwllyyy bouncing around, gaining cash for Uncle Clive all the way.  With the emulator cranked all the way up its pretty hypnotic watching the yellow trail swim around.
S.C.S.P.P.P seems to go on forever!  When you nearly run out of balls you get an extra one, presumably this is where you get hooked and keep putting your hard earned cash in the machine.

Perhaps a reader who is more familiar with pachinko could comment on what may be the first version of pachinko for the Spectrum?
Help!  I can’t stop!

HACK SACK: Japanese currency: in line 50 change the £ to the following UDG: 0,68,40,16,124,16,124,16 (tsk - you would have thought the Spectrum would already have this as part of the keyset).

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