Wednesday, 18 September 2013


By Mulder

Genre: ASCII drop

After the horrors of some of the recent good games it’s nice to get back on message with this lovely little ASCII basic game from Mulder.  It’s based on a simple phone game, and you’d better be familiar with it because there is no hanging around!  On loading the game jumps straight in, leaving you scrabbling the keyboard trying to work out what to do, most likely resulting in your player plummeting or hitting the building.*

*EDIT - player error, Mulder has provided some detailed instructions:
Press SPACE to let go of the rope.
Watch out for the wind.

No backstory is provided, so the player is left wondering why the protagonist wants to do a potentially lethal jump between skyscrapers.  Even more unusual is the giant ropeswing in the sky!

After looking at the code it becomes clear that you need to press space to let go of the ropeswing and successfully land on the adjacent building.  You have to take the building height and wind variables into account, lest the player meets a grisly end.

This is pretty playable, and you’ll want to try and get through at least a few screens.  Simple, fun, CARP!

Thankyou Mulder!

Tipshack:  Press space at the right time to land on the building.


Eye of the storm: 30 LET W=INT(RND*10)
Jumper bottles it: 150 LET X=X
Obese jumper: 399 LET y=y+5

Download the hacked version, in which you have variable fat reserves to take into account (sorry Mulder!)

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