Sunday, 17 February 2013

Countless Runes All Pisspoor

By Steve McCrea

Genre: Capricious platform

I could be wrong, but it looks like this charming little game is loosely based on EFMB, an ingenious cross platform game released in 2012.  It’s hard to believe that a crap game could result from such an innovative, addictive and playable concept.  Somehow though, Steve has managed this feat.

So the aim of the game is simple enough, move the cyan main character around the platforms collecting the yellow runes while avoiding the (stationary) red runes.  These runes are randomly generated each level using the RND function, some array thing I don’t understand and poking the UDGs.  Following the rule that each byte of the rune is symmetrical and not zero, they more often than not, with a bit (or lot) of imagination, bear a passing resemblance to something.  Here are some choice examples C.R.A.P generated while playing:
(1-Headless screamer, 2-Telepharg , 3-Zogstomper, 4-Bunnybot)
C.R.A.P has similar advanced 4 way screen wrapping to EFMB and teleporter mechanics, and is quite good fun for a few tries.  Each screen takes a while to generate, and creates setups that are impossible to complete without losing a life (or several lives).

Countless Articles Rather Poor.

Tipshack: don’t let the excitement of randomly generated runes distract you from the gameplay.
HACK PACK: Immeasurable lives: at the start of line 190 insert: LET nl=3

Download here.

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