Thursday, 21 February 2013

Gareth Hood

By Steve McCrea

Genre: Arrow Hell
You are Gareth Hood, crack shot and scourge of the Guards of John.

By altering position, power and angle you must hit the guard.  This is an amazing use of BASIC, the way the arrow flies through the air, and even reappears after a realistic interval after going off the top of the screen, is a thing of beauty.

I sat down to have a quick test of this and found myself playing it for much longer than intended.  It’s quite hard (I think) to get a direct hit.
Verdict: well programmed, well designed, extremely fun and addictive.  This is an absolute treat.  NOT CARP AT ALL!
Just play it.  Now!
Tipshack: Don’t ask me, I’m bloody hopeless at this game!
HACKPACK: Success every time: at the start of line 150 add GOTO 210.

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