Friday, 22 February 2013


By Apenao (Fubete Software)

Genre: Arcade: Pope
An entry in the Papal minicompetition.
As a regular reader of the World of Spectrum forum I’m aware that a buzz has been created about this game.  Amazing screenshots have been posted of possible isometric engines and such, so when I received the actual entry from Fubete software, there was an air of excitement before I even pushed the J key.

Well if you want to play Vaticania you will need a strong nerve and a rugged optimism, as there are eight, yes EIGHT loading screens to get through before you even see the intro screen.  In all it takes 7 minutes, which is around 1 minute and ten seconds more than the 128k version of More Tea, Vicar (my favourite game from 2012) – so Vaticania has a lot to live up to.

Most of the releases I’ve seen from Fubete software have a half-baked, barmy, poorly executed bad acid trip feel about them, and I’m pleased to say Vaticania is no exception.  Once you have decided on the many possible key combinations to play with, the game begins.  The aim of the game is to move left and right in the hope of colliding with the moving Pope hat while avoiding the pigeon/dove/whatever.  Ghost graphics are not always cleaned up but the collision detection is mostly sound.  In the eventuality of either collision the game hits give either a FUMATA BIANCA or NERA message and abruptly hits a STOP statement.  Presumably to stop you going insane with pleasure, and giving the player the opportunity to mark the black/white smoke decision thing with appropriate respect.
In summary, Vaticania is barmy old cack, but no more so than the whole idea of the Papal conclave itself.  Well done Apenao!
Tipshack: chew a piece of leather while the game is loading.
HACK PACK: At the start of the code insert 1 NEW, then drop the tape in solvent, add wood shavings, and burn to dryness, then pyrolyse the remaining charcoal at 1400 degrees in a vacuum furnace.