Monday 25 February 2013


By LOKOsoft (a Mojon Twins subsidiary)

Genre: Bang bang titty titty bang bang
Well as we all know, Encuerer is Spanish for lady porridge.  So we can expect a game that contains an abundance of this, and yes, that’s exactly what we get.
The game has no loading screen (boo!) but we do get treated to a nice DRAW sequence of a ladies lower regions and some cumulus clouds, possibly with cumulonimbus a layer above but I can’t be 100% certain.  Definitely not altostratus though.
Press a key to start and you get an alarming (and crappy) BEEP sequence, followed by a barmy sounding level name that I’ve yet to decipher (if there is actually any sense behind it that is!) then you are thrown head first into an all action SIDE SCROLLING SHOOTER!  Well yes, side scrolling is quite advanced, especially of the pseudo-parallax nature as we see here, but don’t get too concerned it’s only the bottom few rows and it’s the same blocks repeated over and over!

This compiled BASIC game boasts some outstanding in game features (best expressed in the instructions) and if you’re game, and I hope you all are, it’s actually quite good fun to spend 10 minutes as ENCUERER, the naked flying goddess.  The game is also quite easy, I completed it on my first ‘proper’ try, which is nice.  So go to it!
Thankyou LOKOsoft!
Tipshack: Press the ‘M’ key a lot

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