Friday, 8 February 2013

Desert Island Risks

By Steve McCrea

Genre: Drop 'n' Splot

Ladies and Gentlemen, we have more Cassette50 material!  It’s playable, is not intentionally crap and sports some lovely udgs.

We find ourselves in a helicopter in a circular holding pattern around a cartoon desert island, this desert island is occupied by obstacles – namely pigs (I think), scorpions, trees and cacti.  The aim of the game is to land your men safely on the island, which is not as easy as it sounds.  After parachuting the key you need to press to open your shoot appears at the top left (I didn’t know this at first, and thought you had to guess the key each time!  So my early tries were full of lots of keyboard mashing and failure), and it has to be timed well enough to avoid the obstacles, including your own landed men.  The island becomes more crowded as you progress but you do get a few bombs to clear the ground before you start jumping.

It hits on a soft spot for me too: UDGs.  Get a load of these!
7 is a pig isn't it?  No hold on...a dog.  Nope - I'll go with pig.
There’s not much to dislike here, but it does belong in the competition as it’s char based and BEEPY.  Just think of it as one of the best entries on the Cassette50.
Tipshack: Once you know the parachute key leave it quite late to open your chute, it’s easier to pick your landing spot.  Just don’t leave it too late.
HACK PACK: no hacks!  This game is fun without - get playing lad!
EDIT: c/o Rebelstar Temporal Power up: 150 LET ti=150

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