Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Run for Syrums

By na_th_an

Genre: Softcore sprint
Here we have a lovely entry from the 2011 host, a game he coded in 1993 (the Golden year of the Spectrum) and I can’t sum up the gameplay better than na_th_an himself:
You have to run smashing O and P to get to Syrums. Whatever it is. There's a nasty green boulder chasing you, so you better run. There's also somebody throwing nasty cyan boulders to your face”
Of course there is.
I’m surprised that we have reached the second month of the CGC and this is our first ‘button mashing’ game.  Having to toggle two unresponsive keys to meet some barmy objective is the hallmark of a solid crap game and in this respect RFS doesn’t disappoint.  The main protagonist is for some reason totally nude, which those familiar with the Mojon Twins games will know is their stock in trade.
RFS appears to be coded in compiled basic (maybe asm) and sports some rather advanced scrolling.  The gameplay is pretty dodgy though not impossible to get into.  I managed to get the metre count down to the 3000’s mark but I can’t (ie - won't) do better than that.  So I don’t know what happens when you actually reach Syrums…..who knows, maybe the lady gets a wooly warm cardigan and a nice sit down.

Different, advanced, crap.  Thankyou na_th_an!

Tipshack: Place masking tape over the bottom half of your tv screen, that way you won’t be distracted by the naked ladies.


  1. Rather than masking tape, perhaps a range of stylish overlays could be made like what the Vectrex does to achieve colour graphics? I'll have to give it a go :-)

  2. Doh, to be completely honest, I can't remember if you could actually get to Syrums.

    I was 14 at the time. I can't even remember what's Syrums supposed to be.

    This game belonged to a tape I created with lots of teenage angst and nude women. Sadly, 90% of this tape is so damaged that the contents are completely wiped out.

    The game is BASIC, compiled using MCoder III methinks.

  3. That's actually bloody good for aged 14, I'd barely gone beyond the 'Hello World' program at that age.

    Shame about the tape.

  4. Indeed, and very nice graphics for 14 too!
    What is this MCoder III of which you speak?

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. <oops I'll try that again?

      Hmmm Mcoder III is a MIA on WOS, maybe he meant MCoderII?

      Last time I tried a compiler it didn't work, my fault though as my BASIC had too many of the commands it didn't like.

  5. This mcoder3 which in fact has nothing to do with Mcoder or Mcoder 2.^MCoder+III$&loadpics=1

    Very easy to use. Just load your BASIC game, then put this tape, LOAD""CODE, enter, play, and wait. It just works most of the time.