Thursday, 28 February 2013

Teachski Yourselfska Russianova

By na_th_an

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Do you like Beetroot?  Do you like Vodka?  Do you like your ZX-Spectrum pimped to the max?  Well then you should visit Russia, but hold your horses.  You won’t want to look like an ignorant lout – you should learn the language first!
That’s where this powerful utility comes in, it translates not only words, but sentences too (and yet the word ‘advanced’ is nowhere to be seen).  It even has the delete function enabled.  It’s nice to see these utilities submitted, and how an entire language translator can be made to fit into a 48k speccy is beyond me.  Well done na_th_an!

Downloadski Herska Comrades.

 Tipshackova: Don't actually talk like this on the streets of Moscow, unless you want to be punched hard in the face.

HACKPACK: I noticed a terrible bug in this program- the 'R's are not the wrong way round.  Download the bugfixed version here.


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  1. You completely enhaced my program with your modifications! But be sure to respect the LGPLWTF license.