Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Teacho Yourselfo Italiano

By Lee Spoons

Genre: Utility: Word Appender-o
Ah Italy!  The rolling hills of Borlotti, the valleys of Rome lined with pasta trees, wine coming out of the taps and everyone strolling around in white vests and greased back hair.

Now then, for some reason it is a common accusation that the English speaking nations are ignorant of the both the language and culture of other countries.  This is why it’s especially nice to receive this lovely utility from Lee Spoons – it blasts this myth into the cosmos faster than a gondola full of meatballs can sink.
God knows why but TYI has speedlock protection!  And although the code is really short it loads the entire RAM with sodding NOPs in addition to it.  This means that you get a hypnotic humming sound for most of the 2 minutes and 35 seconds of loading.  Annoying and crap?  Yes.  Bonus points!

Lee has spotted some common rules of the Italian tong and has devised a clever little algorithm that can convert any English word into Italian.  Astounding.

I didn’t realise that it was so easy to speak Italian, and if I travel to Italy in future I will do so secure in the knowledge that, thanks to T.Y.I, I will be able to fit in with the locals.  Thankyou Lee!

The verdict?  Merda!
Tipshack: convert to the Sprechen Sie Deutsch simulator:  20 LET i$=EN


  1. You forgot the riding of the mopeds.

  2. ...anda da sugo justa lika Mama useda to maka!

    Hmmm, Italian is more complicated than I thought, it has 'a' sounds too - Lee! A version 1.1 is needed!

    1. Oho buggera! This is really going to test my programming "skills"... *wanders off to watch Dolmio advert*

  3. Yes, I used -a in Pope Springs Eternal.

    1. Yep, received and simply can't wait to play it...