Thursday, 11 April 2013


By Rebelstar without a cause

Genre: Arcade: Grassgoodwallbad.
I’m very pleased to see the second instalment of the Lawnmower Chronicles: Grassman.  Just pause a moment and let the gravitas of that title to sink in.  Ok?  On with the game.

You are Grassman, and for some reason or other you have to mow the grass (though you look a bit like Action Biker in UDG form to my eye), until the exit appears.  While the obvious thing would be to have the player mow all the grass, Grassman is different: you must mow until you reach the score of 150 or so.  So Grassman can be pleased to have a gentle, if strange, boss who is content to have a lawn that looks like it has mange.  Sounds easy you say?  Well Mr cocksure, what if we throw in some LETHAL WALLS?! and when moving at 8 pixels per main loop, even on a lawnmower, any solid collision will be dangerous.
I find this game good fun, and quite rewarding if you mow each screen in its entirety.  If this game had 10 levels or so I would happily play them.  Don’t get me wrong though, it has a most welcome place in this crap games competition.

Hidden away in the code (well sort of) is another UDG designer, and after questioning it transpired that Rebelstar’s plan was to include this feature and more levels but got bored.  Perfect CGC material all round really!

Thankyou Rebelstar! 

Tipshack: Get so familiar with that damn mower you can turn it on a sixpence.

HACK SACK: Inwincibility: Change Line 5050 to LET SEDGE=1:GRASS=SEDGE

Download here.
And because Rebelstar hidden away a UDG designer, I couldn’t stop myself from changing a few bits and doing a cracked version: HayfeverHerbert.  Sorry!

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