Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Ultimate Language Translator

(version 12.360)

By Yoshiatom
Genre: Holistic Utility

Hokayyyy, here we have an absolute clanger of a CGC submission!  A lot of work has gone into the Ultimate Language Translator, as illustrated by the fact that this is version 12!  I can picture Yoshiatom now, slaving away at his computer perfecting his algorithms, checking his spelling and shaving the flab from U.L.T until it was near perfect!

Note I say ‘near perfect’ though, as despite best efforts a couple of typos have slipped though and the text is an unreadable white on yellow (adjusted for the picture here).

Don’t let these small facts detract from this universal interpreter though: you will get an equally impressive result for any sentence you care to type in.

An absolute pile of CARP! and an auspicious start, we look forward to you next entry Yoshiatom.

Tipshack: Try not to think about what version 1 was like.

HACK SACK: Insert 5 NEW at the beginning of the program.

Download here

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