Sunday, 14 July 2013

Alan Whicker Simulator

By Andrew Green

Genre: Text:Travel

This little game is in memory of the late Alan Whicker, who passed on last week.  For those not familiar with Alan he is a suave moustached British journalist famous for his travel broadcasting.  Although he did speak to people of all classes most will think of him talking to a dignitary sitting by a swimming pool with a glass of chilled champers in Monaco.

After the strange EMUZ loader that I’m not familiar with we have an excellent 'start' – not only does the program not autostart it finishes loading with a D – BREAK CONT REPEATS, 0:1 message.

The game gives you 4 choices, and you must enter the mind of Alan Whicker to see which is correct.  If you are eagle-eyed however, you might spot a pattern that option 1 tends to be somewhere nice (like San Tropez or Monte Carlo) and 2,3,4 are usually erm, a bit less nice.  Successfully choosing the correct location allows you to interview someone rich and famous, and failing to do so gives you this screen:

10 successful interviews completes the game.

A crap game, but a funny one.  Thankyou Andrew (and thankyou Alan!)!

HACK SACK:  Interview paradox 615 LET r=1, 8040 DATA “Alan Whicker”

Download here.





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