Tuesday, 23 July 2013


A topical new entry from Lee Spoons, who is building up quite a portfolio.  Lee's description of the game:

For anyone who wants to re-live the thrilling experience of watching the outside of a hospital, may I present to you, "Advanced Waiting for the Royal Baby to Spring from the Vagina of that Woman whose Parents run some Website what sells Balloons and stuff Simulator"...

I'm really pleased Lee has sent this in, because like the whole rest of the bloody country I was waiting with bated breath the arrival of the royal baby from the Duchess of Cambridge's loins.  Now the poor bugger has emerged I feel hollow.

To emulate the exciting waiting time Lee has used a FOR NEXT loop that has 100000000000 repeats, though I have no intention of finding out exactly how long this takes.  What he has failed to do in this entry is capture the newsfeed of journalists saying the same thing every 15 minutes in the absence of facts, and interviewing rebarbative fools with equally little to say on the subject. 

Now I can get on the train south to drop of some flowers at the palace, and thanks to Lee's simulator I can do so safe in the knowledge I can relive that wonderful day en route.

All we need now is the waiting for that rich family to give the baby a name simulator.  My money's on Bob.

Thankyou Lee!

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