Friday, 26 July 2013

Pixy the PIxel

This entry from Lee Spoons uses a new, groundbreaking game designer that will be hitting the shops soon called C.G.D (Classic Game Designer).  So with such a powerful tool at his disposal, let's see what Lee has come up with (and it had better not be a lazy hack of my Pacman demo).


This is a pacman game in which all the sprites are replaced with single pixels, which to my eye looks very atmospheric.  It would also be a playable game, if the ghost sprites weren't invisible when on blank background!  You can only see them moving as they overshadow the pellets.

It drew me in though, as it is so difficult.  I'm pleased to say, by chance as much as anything that I managed to complete it.

So, Pixey the pixel is a bit crap, but I'd say it's a seed that could sow a mighty oak if explored further...

Thankyou Lee!

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