Saturday, 21 December 2013


By Steve McCrea

Genre: Christmas Cack

"What's for Christmas Ma?"

Picture the scene – it is December 1983 and you scamper down the stairs 4 at a time in your dressing gown to open the next door on the advent calendar.  What delights may it contain? A prayer? A nice picture of a festive scene?  A captured dream?  Mostly though one hoped for a chocolate to have on the bus to school.  But while chomping on this low quality confection you may have wondered, “is it possible? could the excitement of the advent calendar really be captured on my ZX-Spectrum?”

Well you probably didn’t wonder that, but Steve has created it anyway.  Here we have a computer version of the advent calendar, each day giving a new treat (or UDG if you prefer, and speaking as a UDG addict it is actually a treat for me).  Steve admits this is a quick one by his usual standards, though he still couldn’t avoid it being a charming little erm, utility?  Perhaps if released during the 80’s it would have set the world alight (and I dare say a few Christmas trees, as youngsters left their Spectrums on overnight to save time in the morning…).

I think some mornings would be less disappointing than others though, as I can’t even tell what the bloody hell the 22nd is meant to be.

It’s more compact than Steve’s other 24 entries, and if I didn’t know better I’d say it was a shameless attempt to bump his total entries for the year to a round 25.

Thankyou Steve!

Download here

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