Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Irate Avifauna

By MykeP

Genre: Arcade: Pig Pester

This marks number 5 of the quadrilogy.

I’m probably in the minority in that I’ve never played the original game on which MykeP has based his Spectrum version, but I’m going to assume any similarities are cosmetic.  Using a complex engine that emulates gravity and power accurately would make a very playable game, and Myke’s version applies neither of these properties.

Like his other games it’s a visual treat (especially the gorgeous loading screen) and an audible assault, as the intro screen displays.  To my great surprise this game operates at a playable speed!  Using QAOP to control angle and power, the aim is to hit the green blobs (oops sorry – Pigs) at the top of the screen.  Unfortunately the angle can only be shifted in 15 degree increments, and there are only 3 steps of power.  I may be missing a trick but as far as I can tell each screen is impossible to complete as a result!  (though if someone manages it please tell me how).

There are some lovely success screens throughout this game, but unfortunately I’ve only managed to see them via hacking rather than playing.

Thankyou Myke!

EDIT > The game is actually playable, I made the mistake that you were aiming for the pigs at the top of the screen.  You are in fact aiming for invisible pigs off screen to the right.  To get you started (as per the Excel sheet) to beat screen 1 in one go fire 50 degrees and power 2.

Download TZX here
Download Excel pointers here
Download unlocked version

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