Thursday, 12 December 2013

Jet Rocket v 2.0

By Iceman (Darken)

Genre: Shoot 'em left

Here we have a piece of not so abandoned-ware, as it first made an appearance in the 2010 CGC and work began on it some 25 years ago!  So after all this time and refinement this game had better be pretty bloody perfect.

One of the biggest differences is that this version was done in asm rather than compiled, but the thing is I can’t tell any difference between the two!

The aim of this game is to protect your rocket from the advancing sentient boxes (sorry, robots), or something.  To do so you use the keys 6,7 for up/down and 0 to fire your fearsome laser against the random alien assault.  The position of the rocket towards the left means you don’t have that much time to move to the correct row and shoot the robot, especially if you cock up the keys which I don’t find that intuitive.  I’m not sure what your space suit is made of but you have 3 lives, but if just one robot hits the rocket it’s game over.

There’s a lot of attention to detail in this game, from the advanced loading screen to the in game animations, well animation.  While it’s a lovely animation, the thing is you see it every time you complete a level, and without a skip function it can begin to grate.  In fact I’d swear blind that Iceman has timed it so that it’s not long enough to take the mickey, but not short enough to avoid frustration.  Genius!

Though it probably should be said that the graphics are a bit simple (let’s call them rustic).  

Would be programmers may want to check out some of the support material, of which there is an astonishing amount.

The Hi-Score challenge starts around 6820, I’m sure I could do better but can’t face seeing the animation again.

Lovely little game, nice to see it (again).

Thankyou Iceman!

Download TAP.
Download game and supportmaterial.
Download Loader hack

GROUND ATTACK ONLY:        Poke 30517,62; 30518,20;30531,75
NUMBER OF LIVES:                 Poke 28978,x lives (0-255)


  1. Here is a loader hack if you want the hack sack pokes in the loader.

    This hack only works with Interface I disabled.

    clear 24400
    load ""
    clear 50000
    poke 23756,10
    poke 23760,0
    poke 23761,0

    breaks merge protection by deleting a bad line and therefor a invisible line until poked
    poke 24218,0
    delete line 15

    23804 start of machine code
    23804+366=24170 start of protection

    Hack 1
    66,92 23618 (2) Line to be jumped to.
    68,92 23620 (1) Statement number in line to be jumped to.

    poke 24171,20
    poke 24172,0
    poke 24174,66
    poke 24176,33
    poke 24179,0
    poke 24198,0
    poke 24202,62
    poke 24203,1
    poke 24204,50
    poke 24205,68
    poke 24206,92
    poke 24207,251
    poke 24208,201

    In line 20:
    poke 30733,33:
    poke 30741,0:
    poke 30744,0:
    poke 30796,0:
    poke 30803,0:
    border 0:
    clear 28671

    In line 30:
    rand usr 30720

    In line 40:
    rem Your pokes here

    In line 1000:
    rand usr 28702

    save "JET-ROCKET" line 10

    Hack 2
    poke 24175,0
    poke 24176,33
    poke 24179,0
    poke 24198,0
    poke 24202,251
    poke 24203,201

    poke 30733,33
    poke 30741,0
    poke 30744,0
    poke 30796,0
    poke 30803,0

    save "Loader"code 30208,1152

    Then write a basic loader for it, like:
    10 clear 28671: load ""code: border 0: rand usr 30720
    20 rem Your pokes here
    1000 rand usr 28702

  2. Forgot to add in hack 2:
    poke 24203,201


    poke 30733,33

  3. Apologies I forgot about that! I've updated the main article.

  4. No problemmo. There is a hack #3 that is possible. It would be a good idea to modify the length of the warning buzz before proceeding but otherwise I leave it as an exercise to the reader.