Sunday, 8 December 2013

Crisp Snatcher

By Steve Broad
Genre: Arcade: Catch the crisps.

Crisp  Snatcher was apparently created in 1984 with the intention of setting the blossoming games market on fire.  Steve presumably just never found the right software house, but perhaps he should have sent a copy to The Power House, the company that saw SQIJ fit to unleash on the world because Crisp Snatcher is a confusing buggy howler of a game!

Once we start the game we are assaulted by a gaudy display that would have William Burroughs running from the telly, and we encounter the first bug .  Like SQIJ, Crisp Snatcher has a keyread bug!  They are supposed to be 6,7 and 0 but for some reason occasionally they just don’t register - Excellent work!
Once you manage to engage with your rubber keys you can begin.  Yellow crispy like blobs descend from the sky and you must catch them in your bag, but beware the green errr thing, that travels from left to right occasionally dropping crystals of glass.  Of course it does.  The crisps fall too quickly and you move too slowly to be able to catch them, and it’s not clear what the laser even does!

Or am I doing something wrong?
A really nice touch is that after the inevitable GAME OVER message, when you try to restart the game crashes!

A superb piece of crap gamesmanship.
Well done and thankyou Steve!
Download here.


  1. Nope! Couldn't get the keys to work. Even with SQIJ I worked out that you had to BREAK the program, toggle the CAPS LOCK and CONTINUE in order to use. Not sure with Crisp Snatcher!

    1. Yeah it's weird, I looked for the CAPS LOCK thing too but it's not that (the system variable has the 'non caps' value),it would have been a superb inclusion in a CGC entry though. I'm a bit short of time but I tried looking and I can't even find the key read bit of the code! How the bloody hell do you hide that?!